An Old-Fashioned Girl HTML version

smile somewhere up aloft, for she looked toward Fan, saying pleasantly, as she paused
a little in her airy exercise, "I 'm not mad now, shall I come and toss with you?"
"No, I 'll come and swing with you," answered Fanny, quick to feel the generous spirit of
her friend.
"You are an angel, and I 'll never be so rude again," she added, as Polly's arm came
round her, and half the seat was gladly offered.
"No, I ain't; but if I ever get at all like one, it will be 'mother's preaching' that did it," said
Polly, with a happy laugh.
"Good for you, Polly Peacemaker," cried Tom, quoting his father, and giving them a
grand push as the most appropriate way of expressing his approbation of the sentiment.
Nothing more was said; but from that day there slowly crept into the family more respect
for grandma, more forbearance with her infirmities, more interest in her little stories, and
many a pleasant gossip did the dear old lady enjoy with the children as they gathered
round her fire, solitary so long.