An Old-Fashioned Girl HTML version

"I don't believe it. Good-night, 'sweet Mistress Milton,' as Syd called you. Sleep like an
angel, and don't dream of I forgot, no teasing allowed." And Tom took himself off with a
theatrical farewell.
"Now it 's all over and done with," thought Polly as she fell asleep after a long vigil. But it
was not, and Polly's fun cost more than the price of gloves and bonnet, for, having
nibbled at forbidden fruit, she had to pay the penalty. She only meant to have a good
time, and there was no harm in that, but unfortunately she yielded to the various small
temptations that beset pretty young girls and did more mischief to others than to herself.
Fanny's friendship grew cooler after that night. Tom kept wishing Trix was half as
satisfactory as Polly, and Mr. Sydney began to build castles that had no foundation.