An Introduction to Learning the Chinese Language


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Download this FREE e-Book/Introductory Guide to learning Chinese by using simple techniques.


Come on this book is a total misrepresentation of what the Title suggests....most people that want to study Chinese caould do with out generalzations and common sense of learning it...BTW a book in itself is difficult to learn any and phrasebooks are much better...My2C


Although this book doesn't show any concrete examples and there isn't any Chinese character at all,but it does let me remember when I started studying English,it's a little bit let me frustrated but I remained faithful and keep on studying,and I do improve my English ability.Besides,I recommend all of those who wanna be fluent at Chinese to listen to Chinese radio programs(about 15 minutes per day,and you can speak simple daily dialogue by using idiomatic expressions{可以說的很道地}),switch the subtitles to Chinese,and you can also make some Taiwanese net pal on social networks.Another helpful way is to make complaints or talk to yourself by using Chinese when you are showering.But most important of all,you should find a great way for yourself to study and never give up,just like the saying our ancestors said 「皇天不負苦心人」(A diligent senior high school student from Taiwan)


Book about Chinese language with no single Chinese character, or any reference to grammar or language structure (is it phonetic or idiomatic)! B.T.W.,having all this in mind, the picture of the smiling face on the cover page (presumably that of Avril Canute) is also very irritating.

Helen Ridehalgh

Misrepresentation, total waste of a download. Should be called "how to start thinking about learning a language". Not one Chinese word in the whole very short book.....pamphlet more like!

Terrence Strong

it helped me so much with my speaking chinese


Avril Canute

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