An Intro to SEO (Search Engine Optizimation) HTML version

Search engines are made of software and hardware. It is very competent software
that runs on a computer. Like any other software, the search engines have to be
programmed for every action they take.
Search engines are competing for the best search engine which is the result of
increasing web traffic. The web traffic ranking is changing constantly. In order to
maintain their highest ranking, knowledgeable SEO and applications is needed to
drive traffic.
The search engines use spider‘s automated web browsing software to find the
website. And the spiders will follow the hyperlinks to locate the web pages one by
one. The best connected website is ranked as the best search engine.
Optimizing the web page for the search engines requires a lot of
The techniques will change over time and it will not be useful
anymore to any because it is considered as obsolete.
That is why, it is important to keep updated.
Create your site for the users and not for the search engines.
Even if your site is on the first place as long as they find it
non informative, it would still be useless.
Make certain that it would be appreciated by users, by this they will usually visit your
site and link their websites to yours.
Enhance the content of your site and make it unique, because it would attract visitors
as well as the search engines.
Content copied from other sites will be ignored by the search engine if they identified it
as duplicate content.
Make certain that you focus on the Meta tags.
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