An Intro to SEO (Search Engine Optizimation) HTML version

Search Engines serves as the maps of the internet. When
people want to get online to view a web page and search
something, they make use of their favorite search engine.
For that reason, if you want people to find your site, then
you need to have top ranking on the search engine. In
this article, you will learn an intro to SEO and what it involves.
When the user will type in a query at a search
engine, it will take the query and analyzes it.
It will be compared against the database of the
web content and finds the web pages that match
on the criteria of the web surfers (SERPS).
Those web pages that show on the first 3 pages
or in the top 30 listings of the search engine results will gather almost all the web
traffic ranking available.
The webmasters of the top 30 sites in any SERPS will garner a lot of search engine
It would be impossible to cover the SEO details in one book, this book needs to explore
the basic concepts first and will do further reading.
The search engine optimization will take more time in giving up the search engines the
enough reasons to rank your web page against the other competing web pages.
More info about Search Engine Optimization:
All the webmasters wants their web to be in the first
page of every 10 row search engine results page (SERP).
Be in the top rank is really competitive.
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