An Instructor's View on Student Success HTML version

The key to you for a successful class will depend in most part by how good you are in
listening, questioning, note taking and studying and most important, test taking. My Objective is
to give students these basic skills to help the dedicated student become successful in their
learning experience.
It is vital that no matter what level of education you
bring into the course, you should always keep an open mind
and try to get something new out of the lesson. There will
be times that the information your instructor is given will be
very basic for those students with a lesser understanding of
the subject. Try not to get frustrated, or bored because the
lesson in your opinion is dragging on. Instead you should
raise your hand and tell the class some of your experiences in this area that will support what the
instructor has just covered. Your instructor is looking for this type of interaction.
“The more you put into your education the more you will get out of it”
People learn best when they are ready to learn! Are you ready?
As a student you will play the biggest part in your education. If you do your part and your
Instructor does his part you will be successful. The instructor will give information in many
ways; this is to make sure that all learners in the class can understand the main concepts and
ideas needed by his students. He will ask questions to check you understanding and he will
encourage your participation in the lesson. Your job as a Student is to listen to your Instructors
ideas and information during his lesson. Discuss these ideas and share your own thinking and
views with the class and your instructor.