An Ideal Husband HTML version

LORD GORING. You wretched woman, must you always be thieving? Give me
back that letter. I'll take it from you by force. You shall not leave my room till I
have got it.
[He rushes towards her, but MRS. CHEVELEY at once puts her hand on the
electric bell that is on the table. The bell sounds with shrill reverberations, and
PHIPPS enters.]
MRS. CHEVELEY. [After a pause.] Lord Goring merely rang that you should
show me out. Good-night, Lord Goring!
[Goes out followed by PHIPPS. Her face it illumined with evil triumph. There is
joy in her eyes. Youth seems to have come back to her. Her last glance is like a
swift arrow. LORD GORING bites his lip, and lights his a cigarette.]