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An Eternal Spring

Poems Inspired by

A Course in Miracles

Alan Steinle

© 2011 by Alan Steinle. All rights reserved.

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Poems Inspired by A Course in Miracles

An Eternal Spring


Inner Power


The Wings of the Spirit




The Light Does Not Condemn You


Your Salvation Is Not Far


Other Poems

Be Thankful


In This Human Frame


Other People


For Ralph Waldo Emerson


Relationships: Illusion and Reality 24

When You're Out On The Street


I Am Your Fate


Blessed Are You


The Assyrians


The New Covenant



An Eternal Spring

This poem is about the darkness of unforgiveness and the eternal spring brought about by forgiveness.

What can forgiveness bring

Except an eternal spring?

Forgiveness brings lasting peace

The kind that does not cease

It brings meaning to a world of chaos It brings growth to thoughts of loss It brings safety to a view of danger It brings calmness in a time of anger It brings answers to all your whys It brings a certainty that never lies But unforgiving minds hold on to fear They never let real love come near They are full of sadness and of woe They will not let their resentment go They have no hope of a painless time They have no assurance of rest sublime They are blind, yet see many dangers They have friends, yet act like strangers They are full of doubt and of confusion They see, but perceive only illusion They are afraid of every waking sound They are more afraid of quietness profound They are afraid of the darkness of the night They are more afraid to see the light They see in the future only their damnation They see only their sins with no cancellation They seek to live, but wish they were dead They live for the moment but are full of dread Unforgiving minds dwell in despair How to be free, they are not aware They see their judgment as a fact in stone 4

Which they cannot alter or even postpone They do not seek to change and do not repent They do not free others but always resent They do not question their thoughts of habit And are afraid to change the world they inhabit They only see what they expect to perceive New ideas about life they will not receive Since you taught yourself that sin is real Teach yourself forgiveness in order to heal For forgiveness is used to undo

All errors and make your life new

Sin melts before mercy's light

And pardon does real joy ignite

You are the light of the world

The purifier of all hatred hurled

As long as people believe in retribution Forgiveness will be your contribution For pardon turns an enemy into a friend So that life on earth does not end For if revenge had had its entire way Society would not have lasted to this day As long as darkness does surround

Forgiveness will all the more abound But when we have one error truly waived The world will on that very day be saved And forgiveness will not need to exist For truth will come and errors not persist And when we forget sin and begin to sing We will see the onset of an eternal spring


Inner Power

This poem is about resentment and its relinquishment.

Inner resentment tears apart your soul And on those around you takes its toll But your pardon releases

And sin's burden decreases

When you forgive and make the world whole


The Wings of the Spirit

This poem is about leaving the world after our purpose here is complete.

If there is for spirit a reason

To stay in this world for a season Is it not to reveal to another spirit The voice of reason until it can hear it?

For reason says that the world here is base It cannot be a spirit's resting place For a spirit cannot be at peace

While it must its material home lease In a world where bodies always change And all of the elements rearrange

Can a spirit find security

In birth, growth, and maturity?

For then the spirit must find and await The death that is its unquestioned fate But if a spirit looks past physical things It will find that it really has wings That can take it beyond material stuff When of this world it has had enough But before it leaves the world in haste It does not its physical life waste It will attempt with all that it knows To convince others wherever it goes Not to see death as a fearful end

But as a dear and welcome friend

And when more spirits have found

That they are not chained to this ground They will take off and fly up as one Like a flock of birds towards the sun And all the world will disappear

With all the stress, sorrow, and fear And the loss of the world will not pain them For it will only serve to unchain them And all errors and mistakes will be righted When all of creation is forever united



This poem puts the fifty miracle principles into verse.


All miracles are the same

Glad expressions of love's flame

Although diverse to the body's eyes They do not vary in degree or size 2

Miracles in themselves mean not a thing Unless we know from Whom they all spring 3

The love that inspires these natural deeds Is the real miracle, from which all proceeds 4

Miracles proceed from God's gift of life And serve to remove all of our strife And God does precede you wherever you go To reveal all that you ever need to know 5

True miracles happen without any of our planning For we are too busy with allowing and banning With God's power, miracles will become routine Although their effects are sometimes unseen 6

Miracles are natural and to us they belong And when they are absent it means something is wrong 7

Miracles are really a God-given right But first we must be cleansed by His true light 8

In eternity we are always whole and entire But in time we feel the need to acquire A miracle in time gives to those who seem to lack But the giver always gets some good thing back 8


The world's laws are by a miracle reversed And the giver does not need to be coerced For to supply another's temporary need Increases joy all around and eliminates greed 10

Miracles are not given to you to perform So another's beliefs will to yours conform These words just serve to underscore That this is not what miracles are for 11

When we have accepted love from our Creator By communicating through our quiet prayer This love is expressed through a miracle revealed For love that is shared cannot be concealed 12

Miracles are thoughts that can take two routes The lower thoughts make the physical fruits While the spiritual is created by higher thought The level on which the eternal is wrought 13

Miracles serve to change the world of time In the present they are rebirths sublime Which go back only to undo the past So that the future will be free at last 14

Miracles are witnesses to truth eternal From inner conviction to effects external Without conviction, men resort to magic Which is mindless, destructive, and therefore tragic 15

Miracles should be performed every day Until the time when time melts away For time is simply our current learning tool And it will end when we graduate from school 16

Miracles teach that the one who does provide For another does not his own strength divide But the lives of both, in fact

Are richer by the giver's act



Miracles rise above the body's realm And let the Spirit take the helm

In this way healing is achieved

And invisible power is received


A miracle is the most you can give someone And this gift of love cannot be outdone For your love for each other and your worth Are confirmed by this miracle on the earth 19

Miracles confirm that minds are one For they require the unity of God's son Miracles are eternity's confirmation For the sonship is the sum of His creation 20

Miracles help us to recognize

That the healing power in us lies

Not in our bodies but in our spirit Where truth comes when we don't fear it 21

A miracle is forgiveness's true sign When receiver and giver in you align You receive from God all that is good And give it to another as you should 22

Miracles are sometimes fearful to your sight Because you believe you can hide from the light You think that what cannot be seen with human eyes Does not exist and that miracles are all lies 23

Miracles see levels in new relations For sickness comes from confusing these stations And healing results from seeing things anew With a perspective that notes only the true 10


All that is real is created by light Everything else is a dream of the night Since you made sickness and you also made death These nightmares have only the weight of a breath And when you decide that they no longer have use They'll fade like a vapor when you watch it diffuse 25

Miracles add links to the chain of forgiveness And this chain guides all creation to coalesce And when all time is encompassed by this chain's scope The Atonement will be complete, creation's one hope 26

The Atonement undoes all of our fear An undoing that miracles help to bring near 27

A miracle given from God through me blesses everyone For the forgiveness I receive is withheld from no one 28

Miracles are the means to achieve a fearless state And revelation is the end for which we all wait 29

Miracles are a way to praise God through affirmations By honoring the perfection of all of His creations A miracle sees that when a creature links his identity With a body and not with spirit he loses all serenity 30

A miracle looks on spirit and corrects perception To communicate by direct transmission and reception 31

Miracles should bring about gratitude A truly thankful view and attitude For miracles reveal what you really are As God's child you are holy and without mar 11


Miracles are really all intercessions That I inspire through your expressions For miracles purify all of your perceptions By transcending your bodily misconceptions For you are perfect in your spiritual state And physical laws cannot this fact negate 33

Because you are love, miracles honor you And perceive the light in whatever you do Miracles remove illusions and set your mind free Nightmares are gone and you recover your sanity 34

Miracles restore the mind's full power So that there is no reason at all to cower Miracles atone for all your apparent lack So nothing can hurt you nor even attack 35

Through miracles your love is always reflected Though you cannot always see what is affected 36

Miracles reveal that your mind

Is with God's truth truly aligned


A miracle is a correction

For your false perception

The atonement principle becomes your guide To restore knowledge as healing is applied 38

The Holy Spirit sees both illusions and creations And separates the truth from the fabrications 39

The Holy Spirit shows that error is unreal For the light that comes does darkness repeal 40

A miracle sees all brothers united as one For unity is the reality of God's only son 41

Miracles see in creation only a wholeness And lack is overcome with a certain boldness 12


Miracles give strength to dispel isolation And remove the illusion of deprivation 43

Miracles arise from a state of readiness When the mind is given a certain steadiness 44

Miracles reveal an awareness from inside That Christ's Atonement has all things supplied 45

A miracle may be hidden but never is lost You might not know whose path it has crossed A miracle may reach out to countless men Though you may not know how, where, or when 46

Miracles are a form of communication Only surpassed by direct revelation A miracle is only a temporary aid

For communion with God is where hope is laid 47

All miracles help us to learn

That time itself is not our concern For miracles reduce our need for time So we advance faster to the sublime 48

With a miracle we can time modulate But revelation does not to time relate 49

A miracle sees no differences between mistakes But works until all minds the Spirit awakes 50

The miracle comes from the last judgment's wake When you compare with creation all you did make For the last judgment is only your final decision To keep only the true as seen with your new vision


The Light Does Not Condemn You

This poem deals with several themes from A Course in Miracles.

To escape from the guilt, fear, and pain That continually attack your weary brain You must take one small step ahead And leave for an instant all your dread While you hold on to your guilt and blame You will not your inheritance of joy reclaim To regain what is your sure right

Bring all your thoughts into the light At first you will fear to admit

The mental errors you commit

You will condemn yourself for each Dark area that the light does reach But finding the light does not condemn you You will bring your errors to what is true And the truth will quietly dispel each illusion And release you from all your dark confusion And the judgment that you fear to face And the rejection for which you brace These are only the outward projections Of your unforgiven imperfections

But the gift of forgiveness is something That in the end is viewed as nothing For what you really are

Your errors cannot mar

Your real self is eternally whole

And you will your Creator extol

When you find this to be true

And see yourself anew


So on the day that the light comes And this light all your darkness plumbs Release your fear of condemnation

And accept with joy God's affirmation For God created you as His perfect child Although you thought that He reviled You for each of your imperfect thoughts And all your broken shoulds and oughts The truth is that mistakes cannot

Dim God's love or place a blot

Or stain upon your eternal soul

Which even now does remain whole

And now your soul awaits the day

When your mouth does not betray

What is really in your heart and mind When all your thoughts have been refined For communication is your given right And when creation does with joy unite All your dreams of darkness and of pain Will be forgotten and will not remain


Your Salvation Is Not Far

This poem tackles several themes from A Course in Miracles.

Though mistaken you have often been You have never committed a mortal sin For a mortal sin would condemn you to hell With no release, as you seem to know well But all your errors can be undone

By the Holy Spirit, one by one

You must learn yourself to forgive If you would really intend to live For the guilt that you would make true Will always come back to haunt you And you cannot attack another with hate Without fearing the world will retaliate But truly there is only one of us here And when you deny this you live in fear Bodies are the symbols of separation As are the lines between each nation When you realize that you cannot be saved alone You will understand that your body is on loan For your body only serves to teach you That through a body no one can reach you But since our minds are already united All illusions of the body will be righted And illusions are what you will keep As long as you desire to remain asleep But if you do not fear to share what you are You will find your salvation is not far But if you try to keep for yourself a small part You will close the door and lock your heart For when you try to gain and keep a little piece You attempt the impossible and have no peace 16

The truth is that you have what you are And all that you have is never far For everything in the universe is yours For God gives it all to whom He adores And you are His created and beloved child On whom He has always gently smiled And if you desire to always increase Your feelings of love and joy and of peace You will not see yourself as limited to form For what is real you don't need to reform For real is what you will see, feel, and be When you leave your illusions and let them go free


Be Thankful

This poem was written just before Thanksgiving.

Is thanksgiving appropriate today

When the world is in such disarray?

With all of our confusion

And growing disillusion

Be thankful that it won't stay this way


In This Human Frame

This poem is about the strange experience of being in a body.

Why am I in this human frame

That is at birth given a name?

Isn't this name only a handle

And this body but a 'brief candle'?

If the body is my true abode

Then why does it feel like a load

That I have to drag around

And keep above the ground?

In poor health we often feel

As if we've made a bad deal

Had we known of the pain on earth

Would we have consented to our birth?

Even in good health this form

Must to nature's laws conform

And this world, with its confines, Many a great plan undermines

Why do we ever dream about flying

When we have to think about dying?

Why dream about love, joy, and peace When conflict never seems to cease?

Well, no one gets out alive

From this smoke-filled dive

And if there's a reason to be here I hope it will soon be made clear

Can we in the end redeem

Energy used on a vain scheme?

Or do all our efforts become dust

As all we build and buy turns to rust?


Surely, behind all our outward plans, Is a hidden purpose that still stands And despite our stumbling and detours There is some good work that endures So, while in this human frame,

It should be our continual aim

To act in a way that is good for all And to get back up when we fall

For when we do err

We need not despair

For there will always be the One

Who's more reliable than the sun

And death is not the end of our way For it only conceals a doorway

That opens to welcome our soul

As it unites in bliss with the Whole


Other People

This poem is about judgment and forgiveness and the potential for heaven and hell in relationships.

Hell is other people.

—Jean-Paul Sartre

Hell is other people who

No matter what you do

Always find something to judge

They drag you through the sludge

And see through your thin disguise As they shred you with their eyes

All their faults and lack

They place upon your back

Unable to see their own transgression It becomes their only obsession

To find all of your flaws

And all your broken laws

And they won’t even let you live

Because they refuse to forgive

Heaven is other people who

No matter what you do

Choose to see the best

In you and forget the rest

They don’t dwell on your sin

Since they want all to win

They don’t create divisions

By their prideful derisions

Of those with whom they differ

For they know that the transfer

Of their own guilt to another

Will come back and smother

Their efforts to be free

And their search for unity


For Ralph Waldo Emerson

This poem is about Emerson, an essayist and poet of 19th century America.

You were born in a young country of ideals In a country with no king and no one kneels But this country with its new constitution Was created through a bloody revolution On the other hand, your purpose was to find A way to create a revolution of the mind Your intent was to show us how to be Self-reliant and intellectually free Don't always quote others, you said, But truly speak your mind instead

And when you feel the need to conform Know that only honesty can transform What would you think of our life today?

What words of wisdom would you say?

With whom would you have a good talk, Or through the woods take a walk?

Are we any better off for your essays, Or are we still conformists in our ways?

Is this the land of the living or the dead?

Is there any hope for our world ahead?

You said compensation was nature's law And that every good thing here has a flaw But how long can we stay above the flow Of pain, and resist sorrow's undertow?

You didn't have all the answers, nor do we But from your vantage point we can see That every sorrow has a hidden delight And that every wrong will be made right 22

Faithful perseverance is your gift And, even now, it serves to lift

Us from the malaise and despair

That surround us like the air

You made God known to each one individually While others sought to know Him mutually You taught people how to leave the crowd When the din rises and becomes too loud From the nineteenth century to the twenty-first Your words have satisfied many people's thirst You are a prophet still, and your words are germane For your ideals, as a society, we have yet to attain


Relationships: Illusion and Reality This poem is about special love/hate relationships and the idea that we cannot love an individual without loving everyone.

Is a relationship a way

For a person to play

With another's heart

And then to depart?

Or can one speak a vow

That is able to somehow

Make a bond last forever

No matter the weather?

Are we looking for too much

Or are we just out of touch

With the way things really are

When we search for a star?

To feel special we need

Someone who has agreed

To feed our ego's pride

And to always provide

The words we want to hear

Whenever we're near

Can we for one have affection

While others face our rejection?

Is this human exclusion

Based on love or illusion?

For if we now hate one

We can truly love none

And love becomes a myth

We tell the one we're with

While we silently resent

The past ill-intent

That has entered our lives


And still cuts us like knives

For all this is love gone

As we wearily go on

With our work day to day?

Do we throw hope away?

Or is there a solution

To all this confusion?

Yes, if we could forgive

Then we would really live

If we could forgive the past

We would find love at last

For the illusion of sin

Is the prison we're in

And the guilt we project

On others has the effect

Of depressing our life

And creating new strife

So love can't really be bound

By those who think they've found

Love in their special relations

Between humans or nations

For love knows no borders

And will not take orders

From those who try to limit it

To those whom they see as fit

So we will not feel

That love is truly real

Until it spreads throughout the earth And the fading pain of rebirth

Is only a distant dream

And joy is the theme

And all those around

Are with glory crowned


When You're Out On The Street

This poem is about life on the street and the reality of equality, despite appearances.

When you're out on the street

In the summer day's heat

And you see me in rags

Just holding some bags

Remember the high price

You paid for looking so nice

For I wear no disguise

'Cause I can't compromise

And I'm not trying to fit in

'Cause I can't even get in

And all that talk of winning

Just leaves my head spinning

Now who is to blame

For this state of shame

When you drive by my dwelling

What will you be smelling

Is it the dirt in the air

Or a feeling of despair

As you try to get ahead

Do you still feel the dread

That you might become me

Like some outcast refugee

That the system can't handle

Just a flickering candle

But who pays a high price

For taking a large slice

What do you win in the end

If you cannot comprehend

The meaning of your own life

Or the source of your own strife


What should your response be

When you see one like me

Should you pity my lot

Or just leave me to rot

As society's curse

Or treat me much worse

But are we not the same

At the end of the game

Won't your material things

To which your heart clings

Follow you to the dust

And won't they all rust

And who is more ready

Whose heart is more steady

Who can open the door

To what death has in store

Does all of your greed here

Provide what you need there

Though you live like a god

On this temporal sod

You will die like a man

And end as you began

And all of your might

Will end like the night

So when you're on the street

And we have the chance to meet

Know that I am a part of you

And no matter what you do

You cannot long delay

Equality's great day


I Am Your Fate

This poem is about life and death in a factory and about the one destination for all of creation.

I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

--Robert John "Mutt" Lange, from the song "Lovin' Every Minute of It"

You're the man upstairs doing fine While I'm stuck here on this assembly line I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I clock in, I clock out

I'll be back tomorrow there's no doubt I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I left the country for this city

So now I'm writing this lonesome ditty I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I haven't seen my family in years

And when I think of them it just brings me tears I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I might not reach twenty years

Before my strength just disappears I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

Every day I assemble wares

For some unknown millionaires

I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between


But I have not given up all hope

I have a dream that lets me cope

I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

Though I've become like the machines that I make Things will change, make no mistake I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

When I die and they throw me out

On my body new life will sprout

I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

And though I am not physically free I can still dream things that you cannot see I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I see that though you're free to move around You're not really free because to money you're bound I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

I see that the roots of your proud tree Are people in factories just like me I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

And when your factories begin to rust All of your power will turn to dust I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between

Although you look on me with scorn It is from my strength that your power is born I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between


And when I die you might realize too late That I am your brother and I am your fate I'm not man or machine

I'm just something in between


Blessed Are You

This poem is an interpretation of Matthew 5:1-12. The beatitudes are for everyone, for we are all God’s children.

Jesus, seeing the crowds gathering around, Went up the mountain and sat on the ground Then all of his disciples came to him And he opened his mouth to teach them: Blessed are those who don't have pride's leaven For they will be given the kingdom of heaven Blessed are those who grief behold For they will surely be consoled

Blessed are the gentle of heart

For them the earth is set apart

Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness For they will be satisfied with nothing less Blessed are those who offer reprieve For they will themselves mercy receive Blessed are those whose hearts are pure For these people will see God for sure Blessed are all the peacemaking ones For they will all be called God's sons Blessed are those who suffer for doing what's right For they will see the kingdom of heaven's light Blessed are those who are falsely accused, oppressed, And insulted, because they have my name confessed 31

Be glad, for your reward in heaven is great For you know the persecuted prophets' state


The Assyrians

This poem is based on Isaiah 10. God will allow the Assyrians, his rod of correction, to be humbled because of their excessive pride.

The Assyrians, empowered by the Lord, Took the world's treasures as their reward For He sent them against godless nations To humble their proud civilizations But now the Assyrians think they are gods Though they are, in God's hands, only rods Used to correct God's wandering creatures Who would not learn through other teachers But now the Assyrians ceaselessly boast The land belongs to us, from coast to coast But do you think that God will exempt you?

Do you think that you won't be humbled too?

The Assyrians think they have understanding But they don't know that it's God who's commanding They rejoice at the ease with which they plunder When they terrify the earth with their thunder They plan to cut off many from the land And think their kingdom will always expand But the Lord has an end for their kingdom, too And the oppressed think that it's long overdue What has the Lord planned for the Assyrian band?

Men will be flames and the Holy One a firebrand And God will consume these thorns in a single day When He moves stumbling blocks out of the way Woe to the unjust Assyrians for their pride Who have the rights of the helpless poor denied So now what can they do at the end of it all But hide with the captives or by the sword fall?

For destruction will overtake all of the earth And put a complete end to all of their mirth And to whom will they go to save their souls?

Those who were "gods" will hide with the moles 33

So do not fear the Assyrians' strokes Though you now labor under their yokes For though you now eat the jailor's bread When once you walk free, you will be well-fed And though the people of the earth will burn A small remnant of survivors will return For though the people are like the shore's sand Only a small part will remain in the land And this part will never again rely On an oppressor who does God deny

But this part will forever depend

On God, and He will his love extend


The New Covenant

This poem is an interpretation of Jeremiah 31:31-34. It is about a time on the earth when righteousness will prevail and all will know God.

In the times to come, says the Lord, I will make with people a new accord Not like the time when I took their hand To lead them from the enslaver's land I was a husband that they did provoke For that first covenant with me they broke But after these days I have a plan To guide the heart of every man

I will write my law within each soul So that police won't need to patrol For all my people shall know Me well And never more will they need to tell Another about Me for all will know That I am with them wherever they go And from the babies to the old men My wisdom shall be with all of them And all their sins will be forgotten With all they made that was misbegotten And all the wrongs that destroy the land Will be undone, as I have planned


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