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L. Miscellanea, including Posters, Fliers, Slogan
and Bumper Stickers 286
Title Index 299
This book is dedicated to two very young women who were
born while the work
was in progress
Jasmine and Sierra Marin, the Wallsmith sisters
with the hope that a few of the books described herein
are on the standard
reading lists of the colleges they attend in the twenty
-first century.
Allen Ginsberg
By the late '40s of this memory Century the people I
knew best and loved most
had already broken thru the crust of old Reasons & were
dowsing for some
Supreme Reality, "Christmas on Earth" Rimbaud said,
Religiousness" according to Spengler's outline of
civilization declining
through proliferation of non-human therefore boring
technology; Blake had
called "O Earth O Earth return!" centuries before,
echoing the ancient gnostic
prophecy that Whitman spelled out for America
specifically demanding that the
Steam-engine "be confronted and met by at least an
equally subtle and
tremendous force-infusion for purposes of
spiritualization, for the pure
conscience, for genuine aesthetics, and for absolute
and primal manliness and
womanliness " Ezra Pound's mind jumped to diagnose the