An Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary HTML version

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Foreword by Allen Ginsberg 1
Preface by Timothy Leary 5
Introduction by Frank Barron 1 1
Acknowledgments 15
Editors' Note 17
A. Books, Pamphlets and Computer Software 19
AA. Monographs, Offprints, Mimeographed Reports and
Broadsides 84
B. Books with Contributions 120
BB. Books with Reprinted Works 171
C. Journals and Magazines with Contributions 180
D. Interviews 201
E. Translations of Books and Articles 208
F. Phonograph Records and Tape Recordings 214
G. Films and Television Shows with Appearances by
Timothy Leary 221
H. Works Edited 224
I. Unpublished Writings and Talks 225
J. Books, Articles, Songs and Films about Timothy Leary
K. Legal Briefs and Documents Pertaining to Timothy
Leary 280