An Amateur's Guide to Spirituality HTML version

“Then the disciples went out and preached
everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and
confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it”
(Mark 16:20)
The amount of times my family, friends,
acquaintances and random people showed up with
valuable information to contribute or reinforce an
issue whilst I was writing this book was amazing, and
could only be put down to the fact that I was in total
alignment with my truth and therefore, on the right
track. Thank you so much guys:
Mummy, for your unwavering understanding and
enlightened parenting. Daddy, for your consistency,
devotion and trespassing (you know what I mean).
Bobby, for all the jokes and constructive criticism.
Lindy, for remembering to feed me when I forgot to
eat (bless you). Rachelle, for an empowering
friendship I didn't know I needed but thank Source
for every day. Jenny, for your dedication to make
sure the art-work is this fantastic. Greg, for your
encouraging support that always came at the right
time. Alli, for your straight talking, accurate, and
much needed guidance (and free tarot readings).
Paul, for your generosity and kindness that
contributed greatly to my overall well being. And my
Spirit Guides and Angels, for your patience, all
encompassing love, and ever present guidance.
Thank you also to everyone who indirectly
contributed to this book, my life and my growth in all
ways; love and blessings to you!
© Ella Roberts 2008