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Units Abbreviation and Conversion
The most common units used were:
the Penny, abbreviated: d. (from the Roman penny, denarius)
the Shilling, abbreviated: s.
the Pound, abbreviated: £
There was 12 Pennies to a Shilling and 20 Shillings to a Pound, so there was 240 Pennies
in a Pound.
To further complicate things, there were many coins which were various fractional values
of Pennies, Shillings or Pounds.
Farthing ¼d.
Half-penny ½d.
Penny 1d.
Three-penny 3d.
Sixpence (or tanner) 6d.
Shilling (or bob) 1s.
Florin or two shilling piece 2s.
Half-crown (or half-dollar) 2s. 6d.
Crown (or dollar)
Sovereign (or Pound)
£1 or 20s.