Amusements in Mathematics HTML version

"That position, sir, materializes the sinuous evolvements and syncretic, synthetic, and
synchronous concatenations of two cerebral individualities. It is the product of an
amphoteric and intercalatory interchange of—"
"Have you seen the evening paper, sir?" interrupted the man opposite, holding out a
newspaper. I noticed on the margin beside his thumb some pencilled writing. Thanking
him, I took the paper and read—"Insane, but quite harmless. He is in my charge."
After that I let the poor fellow run on in his wild way until both got out at the next
But that queer position became fixed indelibly in my mind, with Black's last move 43. K
to Kt 8; and a short time afterwards I found it actually possible to arrive at such a position
in forty-three moves. Can the reader construct such a sequence? How did White get his
rooks and king's bishop into their present positions, considering Black can never have