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NIGHT. You know more about such matters than I do; I will trust to your enlightened
views and accept this employment.
MERC. Come, come, now, Madam Night, a little gently, I beseech you. The world gives
you the reputation of not being so scrupulous. In a hundred different climes you are made
the confidant of many gallant adventures; and, if I may speak candidly, we do not owe
each other anything.
NIGHT. Let us cease these reproaches and remain what we are. Let us not give men
cause to laugh by telling each other the truth.
MERC. Adieu. I am going there to play my part in this business, promptly to strip myself
of the form of Mercury and to take in its place the figure of Amphitryon's valet.
NIGHT. I am going to keep station in this hemisphere with my sombre train.
MERC. Good day, Night.
NIGHT. Adieu, Mercury.
(Mercury descends from his cloud to the earth, and Night goes away in her chariot.)