Amphitryon HTML version

MERC. Who, I?
AMPH. Ah! Open.
MERC. What do you mean by 'open'? Who are you, pray, to make such a row, and speak
like that?
AMPH. So? You do not know me?
MERC. No, nor have I the least wish to.
AMPH. Is every one losing his senses today? Is the malady spreading? Sosie! Hullo,
MERC. Come, now! Sosie: that is my name; are you afraid I shall forget it?
AMPH. Do you see me?
MERC. Well enough. What can possess your arm to make such an uproar? What do you
want down there?
AMPH. I, you gallows-bird! What do I want?
MERC. What do you not want then? Speak, if you want to be understood.
AMPH. Listen, you villain: I will come up with a stick to make you understand, and give
you a fine lesson. How dare you speak to me like that?
MERC. Softly, softly! If you make the least attempt to create an uproar, I shall send you
down some messengers who will annoy you.
AMPH. Oh Heavens! Did anyone ever conceive such insolence? And from a servant,
from a beggar?
MERC. Come, now! What is the matter? Have you gone over everything correctly?
Have your big eyes taken everything in? He glares, so savage he looks! If looks could
bite, he would have torn me to shreds by now.
AMPH. I tremble at what you are bringing upon yourself with all this impudent talk.
What a frightful storm you are brewing for yourself! What a tempest of blows will storm
down on your back!
MERC. If you do not soon disappear from here, my friend, you may come in for some