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Bisexuals are forbidden from eating melons in
Kirk Douglas was Chinese.
Frank Sinatra was once Hoboken dominoes
Extracted from The Complete Book of Lies by
Professor Ed Spurious.
Honey can be used to cure earache.
Cows can predict the weather if they’re allowed
to listen to radio forecasts.
Flying fish require a pilot’s license.
Australians believe that Sgt. Bilko is the typical
Japanese lesbians taste of halibut.
Upholsterers have a secret society in Peru.
John Wayne hated fishing.
Men called Nigel have no nasal hair.
The Loch Ness monster is thought to be a
There is no word for bread in Chinese.
species of hedgehog.
The man who discovered Alzheimer’s disease
You can become invisible by drinking glass
was called Johnson.
Pierced ears are a sign that a woman will have
Plumbers are not good at shaving.
sex on a Tuesday in parts of Baluchistan.
Running backwards at a time of national
The prize in the annual baking contest in the
emergency is forbidden in Turkmenistan.
English village of Lower Titford is a racing
In Scotland you can only bark at a postman if
you are a dog.
Horses can be trained to play croquet.
Chimpanzees have been spotted gambling.
You are forbidden from erecting a tent in
In Sweden you cannot buy a trumpet if you
Sudan if you have more than two sisters.
have a limp.
Bald men have hairy buttocks..
Franciscan monks must be able to tie a reef
Cheddar cheese can not be digested by the
great white shark .
Nude sunbathers can be arrested in Portugal if
Female lawyers in Uganda are required to be
the police decide that they are unattractive.
good dancers.
Bantu women are turned on by men with
smelly feet.
Plans for a Business Class section in the space
Women with big noses are desired greatly as
wives in Patagonia.
shuttle were shelved.
50% of men who own a telescope use it to
The Egyptian pyramids have a doorbell.
star-gaze. The other half use it to spy on their