Amock Comedy Magazine 5 HTML version

Think you know your comedy? Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge.
(1) Which Monty Python designed the graphic interludes?
(2) In which film did Steve Martin play a character called Navin R. Johnson?
(3) What was the original title of the Goon Show?
(4) In which TV series did Ronnie Barker play Norman Stanley Fletcher?
(5) Which English town is Russell Howard from?
(6) What was Benny Hill’s real name?
(7) How many Marx Brothers were there originally?
(8) What character did Tony Robinson play in Blackadder?
(9) Fill in the words in the title of this play co-written by Billy Connolly. The
Great Northern _____ ____ Show
(10) Who played Uncle Buck?
(11) Who is Allan Stewart
Konigsberg better known as?
(12) Which stand-up comedian set the slowest lap time in Top Gear’s
Star In A Reasonably Priced Car?
(13) Which comedian
had the catch-phrase ‘Ooh,
you are awful, but I like you’?
(14) Where did Chick
Murray work before taking
up comedy?
(15) What was the
original title of Frankie
Boyle’s Tramadol
(16) In which town is Fawlty Towers set?
(17) Who co-wrote Ripping Yarns with Michael Palin?
(18) What was Goldie Hawn’s first major feature film?
(19) In which TV sitcom did Billy Crystal debut?
(20) Who played Max Bialystock in the original film version
of The Producers?