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Once there was a King who had a beautiful daughter called Mabel. Princess Mabel was so beautiful that guys
were too frightened to approach her for fear of rejection, thinking she was out of their league. For truly, she had
long, blonde hair, an elfin face, and busties that could take your eye out. Saddened by her lack of manly fulfilment,
Mabel had to resort to playing with her 10-inch Rambo Multi-Speed Didlo with its ever-so-slight bend for complete
penetration. For those who do not know of such things, a didlo is a mechanical device which ladies who have
no partner use to diddle themselves on the odd occasion. Mabel’s didlo became her favourite plaything. She
loved her didlo and slipped it into her royal lady parts whenever she got the opportunity to do so.
This magnificent device had been bought for her on her 18th birthday by her mother, Queen Lubricious, who
well knew that young ladies tended to end up underneath young gentlemen if their carnal needs were not catered
for. But as it was a royal device and intended for regal lady parts it was made of gold and encrusted with diamonds
and other precious stones, though these were ground to an extreme smoothness lest they grazed the naughty
parts of the beauteous Princess Mabel.
She would often go down to the pond at the bottom of the garden to secretly worm the didlo into her affections.
One afternoon, when she was feeling especially amorous, she slipped the didlo between her thighs and collapsed
in a frenzied spasm, causing the glistening didlo to shoot out of her majestic muff and splash into the water at
the bottom of the deep pond. She was lost without her didlo and sobbed uncontrollable tears.
Just then she heard a voice.
“Whatever’s upset you, Princess? You look as if somebody baked you a big cake with lashings of whipped
cream and then rather cruelly scoffed it all themself.”
She looked around and saw a big ugly frog sitting on the edge of the pond.
Mabel was a little frightened.
“Was that you who just spoke?” she said, pulling her knickers back up.
“It certainly was,” said the frog.
“Holy amphibians! A talking frog!” screamed Mabel.
“It’s ok, I wouldn’t harm a fly,” said the frog. “Well…actually I’ve just eaten six for my dinner, but that’s besides
the point. What’s up with you, lass?”
“It’s my didlo,” sobbed Mabel.
“You’ve not got it stuck up your nasty, have you?” asked the frog, full of concern.
“No, that I could handle,” said Mabel. “It’s much worse, I’m afraid.”
“I don’t think I want to hear this,” said the frog.
“No…silly,” answered Mabel. “It’s fallen into the pond.”
The frog gave a big sigh. “I’ll fetch your plaything back for you,” said the frog, “but you’ll have to give me
something in return.”
“I don’t like the sound of this,” Mabel replied.
The frog gave a cough.
“I’ll dive down and retrieve your didlo if you promise to kiss me.”
“You can go and jump yourself!” she said. “I’m not kissing no ugly frog. You get locked up for doing things like
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