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It’s one of TV’s most successful shows, has a devoted
fan following, and has even featured an appearance by
POTUS, Barrack Obama, but Amock has discovered
the dark secret behind the cult science show. The
presenters are claimed to be ‘special effects wizards’
with ‘years of experience’ but the truth is that they are
actors playing the roles of Mythbusters.
The programme’s second unit has Tory Belleci played
by Brit, Alf Harkins, best known for his appearances as
the serial bigamist Joe Nutter in soap-opera, Coronation
Street. Kari Byron is played by ex pro-wrestler Chuck
Muscles in his first venture into acting after failing to
beat the world land speed record in a canoe, but it is
Imihara who is the most interesting member of the cast.
Known on the show for his love of robotics, we can now
reveal that he is actually an automaton. He is, in fact,
the latest incarnation of Honda’s Asimo.
The show’s two main presenters, Adam Savage and
Jamie Hyneman are actually portrayed by George
Luddite and Josephine Kilgore. Luddite is best known
for his appearance as a slave girl in the unsuccessful
remake of Conan the Barbarian and Kilgore was once
Miss Nevada. Her performance as Hyneman is,
however, likely to boost her credibility as a thespian and
there are rumours that she is in line to play King Lear
off Broadway.
A spokesman for the production refused to comment
on our revelations but tellingly, an episode where
Imihara sprang a leak and started spraying oil over the
studio has been withdrawn from broadcast. It is a very
short sequence and wasn’t noticed at first, but rumours
say it is still available on Youtube.