Amock Comedy Magazine 4 HTML version

The Kindle yellows with age.
Mary Magdalene sold her life story to
Hollywood after the crucifixion.
The Russion version of The Flintstones has a
Extracted from The Complete Book of Lies by
Professor Ed Spurious.
character called Barney Rouble.
Floating in zero G gives many men an erection.
Clint Eastwood played The Man With No Name
because that way he’d never be shot by a
The Pope wears socks to bed.
bullet with his name on it.
Marilyn Monroe could do calculus.
Tibetans cannot hop after a large meal.
The Da Vinci Cod is a secret recipe.
Leaving bad feedback on Ebay can lead to you
The German King Tiger tank had leather
being cursed.
Chefs cannot do crosswords.
Red-headed women cannot say no.
If a man runs away with your wife in Bulgaria
One drop of super-glue could hold down the
you must buy him a car.
space shuttle.
No mountain climber has ever been eaten by a
All men called George have hairy chests.
Eating toast can cure rabies.
Gorillas cannot break-dance.
The Gaelic name for Scotland is Alba. The
Widows can claim to be born-again virgins in
Scots are therefore Albanians.
parts of Latvia.
Crocodiles cannot fart.
Shouting down a phone increases the speed of
The greatest morris dancer of all time was said
to be Maurice Dancer.
It takes more energy to produce a thong than
a top hat.
Vegetarians have more nose bleeds than
Sleeping in the nude is forbidden in Greenland.
Bankers do not wash.
In Slovenia you cannot propose to a woman if
she has eaten tuna recently.
Cross-country skiing makes you impotent.
Apple pie was invented by a communist.
Buddy Holly was black.
The bra was derived from the catapult.
Ellen de Generes doesn’t eat fish.
Justin Bieber is a singer.
Tom Cruise was once world hand stand
American Chopper is a true life story.