Amock Comedy Magazine 4 HTML version

Amock is proud to feature an exclusive interview
with legendary porn star, Rock Python, star of such
erotic blockbusters such as Deirdre Does Dallas
and Behind the Greenish Door.
with the director and he offered me work as a stunt-
AMOCK: It’s more of a stand-in rather than a stunt-
butt surely?
ROCK: You could say that, but we are asked to
take certain risks and perform dangerous feats, so
we’re part of the stunt-men’s union, hence our title. I
was proud of my work, did 37 movies as a stunt-butt.
AMOCK: And what was your break-through.
ROCK: Well, you have to understand that as lowly
stunt-butt you’re not allowed to have your manly parts
come into contact with
any part of the female
talent. Your parts are
all taped up, so there’s
no impropriety.
AMOCK: Sounds
ROCK: It can be,
especially if the gal’s
attractive. Well, I was
doing a missionary
scene with Ellen
Frisky and she was so damn hot that my fella got
over-excited, burst through the tape and nailed her.
AMOCK: That must have come as a surprise.
ROCK: Well, Ellen was a good actress and she
was throwing her head about and screaming like she
usually did, but when penetration did actually occur
she let out a shriek that put the sound guy in hospital.
AMOCK: And you were discovered.
ROCK: Exactly. As a stunt-butt nobody had paid
any attention to my front view, especially as I’m a
grower rather than a shower, but I have quite
exceptional manly parts, even if I say so myself.
AMOCK: You’re renowned for them.
ROCK: Thank you.
AMOCK: Mr Python, thank you for granting us this
interview. Perhaps you could begin by telling us the
answer to the question foremost on the lips of porn
fans, how did you begin in the business?
ROCK: Well, to tell the truth, I was discovered. I
was a pizza delivery boy dropping off lunch at the
studio and I was spotted
by Frances Lovewood,
who was having the
Four Seasons.
AMOCK: The Frances
ROCK: No, the other
one. Anyway, she was
doing a scene and they
needed a stunt-butt …
AMOCK: A stunt-butt?
ROCK: Of course, as
civilians you won’t know
what a stunt-butt is. Well, even though our porn stars
have impressive manly parts, are enormously talented
and are outrageously handsome, they frequently have
inadequate or ugly buttocks, which is mainly what
features in missionary scenes, so they bring in a
AMOCK: So that isn’t actually the star’s butt we
ROCK: ‘Fraid not, most male porn stars don’t have
attractive asses, so whenever you see them in a rear
shot it’s invariably a stunt-butt.
AMOCK: And you were one of these?
ROCK: Yeah, Frances grabbed my ass and gave it
a squeeze as I was putting her pizza down and she
was so impressed with what she felt she had a word