Amock Comedy Magazine 4 HTML version

(1) Wrap a Peppa Pig duvet cover around your body and queue up in your local Post Office for a second
class stamp.
(2) Sit under a Weeping Cherry tree and pretend you’re a cat.
(3) Visit Australia and when nobody’s looking put it in your handbag and run off quickly.
(4) Watch an episode of Mastermind and answer “Oscar Peterson” to every question.
(5) Invite 42 people over to your house for a party and hide under the stairs until they’ve all gone home.
(6) Count all your teeth whilst wearing a pair of purple socks.
(7) Place a 24-piece stainless steel cutlery set down the back of a 3-seaterleather settee and switch the light
on and off four times.
(8) Drill a hole in a tub of margarine with a cordless variable two-speed drill.
(9) Climb up a 15 ft tall aluminium ladder and forget to come down.
(10) Jump up and down on a brightly-coloured pogo stick whilst reciting Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good
Night by Dylan Thomas.
NEXT MONTH - Intelligent things to do (but in a silly way.)