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A Guide for Young Ladies
By Penelope Hotslot (Bimbo of the Year 2009)
Many young ladies aspire to be a bimbo, but have
difficulty in establishing precisely what a bimbo is
and how this desirable status can be achieved. The
Greetings, my friends,
I am Captain Desmond Ndobo, of the Nigerian Fraud
Squad, and I write to you regarding the many emails
you have been receiving asking you to send your bank
details to various Nigerian parties. After many years of
in-depth investigation we have concluded that this is not
an attempted fraud. It is the work of one Mr. Charles
M’kika who derives intense sexual satisfaction by
viewing other people’s bank details. This is
understandable as his wife is very unattractive. I know
this because he is my brother-in-law, my wife’s sister’s
husband. This conclusion has been confirmed by
clinical psychologists whose medical opinion is that
M’kika is as nutty as Gerry Carter of Sudbury in
England, who collected fruit bat droppings for similar
unsavoury purposes.
truth is that a bimbo is a young lady who is always
available for sexual adventure, no matter what
other calls are made on her time. For instance, a
young girl will allow a quick feel, even if she is
sitting a maths exam or playing
chess. Her desire for sexual
knowledge will outweigh all other
On no account should the young
lady accept any reward for her
forwardness. This would
immediately promote her to the role of strumpet
and that professional course is only for the older
lady. Though financially rewarding you really
We have informed M’kika that his emails are seen as
spam by the recipients and a means to defraud people
of the large amounts of cash which they are legally
entitled to, and he has agreed to desist from the
practice. However the medical authorities have
informed us that a sudden withdrawal of bank details
could cause M’kika irreversible psychological damage
and may render him impotent. We are therefore taking
over the collection of bank details to allow Mr M’kika to
wean himself off his perversion. We regard this as a
matter of duty to a fellow Nigerian citizen. If you care
about this sad, sick, man, please send your full bank
details to me personally at my email address and I will
ensure that M’kika adds them to his collection.
should consult your Careers Advisor before
following such a route.
Ms Janine Moistly (pictured above) is the hottest
bimbo around these days and young girls would be
well advised to follow her example. She never
misses an opportunity to reveal her underwear and
this has led to many young men suffering from
heart attacks, a debility that would not normally
have occurred till they were much older. This, of
course, makes bimbos very popular with the
medical profession who are paid to treat these
Yours sincerely,
Desmond Ndobo (Capt.)
Many denigrate the modern bimbo, but in my eyes
she stands for all that is best in our western culture,
especially wanton sexuality, which is such fun.