Amock Comedy Magazine 3 HTML version

Ninjas cannot eat fried food.
Carmelite nuns like caramel.
The Shoshone had the worst rain dance record
of any native American tribe.
Extracted from The Complete Book of Lies by
Professor Ed Spurious.
You can kill a cactus with minced pork.
Surplus electricity in Ghana is to be used to
Vegetarian women will not perform oral sex.
fuel an electricity generating power station.
Cats cannot see the colour cerise.
The Iranian government has confirmed that
female deep sea divers will be required to wear
The Mexican Navy can be hired by the hour for
the burqa.
publicity purposes.
George Armstrong Custer hated fancy dress
Flying fish require a pilot’s license.
Penchant is the dirtiest word in the Swahili
Moles can tap dance.
Mongolian men are not allowed to shave their
Self-sealing stem-bolts (ST DS9) are available
on Ebay.
Camembert is s aid to be the most aphrodisiac
Hillary Clinton always goes commando when
she meets the Prez.
of cheeses.
Horses can be trained to moo like cows.
Woody Allen uses a Bullworker.
Cockville in Minnesota changed its name to
Ghosts are scared of mice.
Penisville in 1852.
Bonobo monkeys can drive trams.
Mickey Rooney once beat John Wayne at arm
Bisexuals cannot become librarians in
Flying a flag at quarter mast honours those
Goldfish taste of marzipan.
who are only half dead.
You cannot steam toads.
Osteopaths cannot spell.
Volcanic magma can be used to power
Owning two hats is a sign of insanity in
Oak tree bark tastes of mango.
Walking on water is regarded as the most
The International Space Station cannot receive
satellite TV.
unimpressive miracle.
The President of France is not allowed to keep
a pet crocodile.
Bear shit contributes to global warming.