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It can honestly be said that the person with a fish-tank within their home is a human being truly at peace with
themselves. Gazing upon our colourful piscine friends as they swoop and glide through their watery
environment can only bring peace and harmony to the ambiance of your own surroundings.
There are many misconceptions about keeping fish, tropical and cold
water, within the house. Chief of these is that they will dominate
your domestic arrangements, but nothing could be further from the
truth. Read on to discover the many ways you can still enjoy many
fun activities within your home, even with a fish tank there!
GAMES – You can play many enjoyable games with a fish tank in
your living room. Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Ludo, your fish won’t
mind a bit.
READING – It is very easy to read a book or magazine even with
your aquatic pals around, though their colourful displays may be distracting.
WRESTLING – It’s quite possible to wrestle in a manly way with a fish tank nearby, but caution is advised.
The tank, after all, is made of glass and does contain a considerable amount of water. Why not indulge in a
spot of arm wrestling at a safe distance instead?
SEX – It’s quite possible to behave in a naughty fashion with fish about as one thing they’re certainly not is
prudes. Even if it is the widow Hamilton and you should know better, your fish will not criticise your choice of
partner. However, considering her reputation and the fact that she is more than willing to do it anywhere, why
condemn your beautiful fish to witnessing the sordid sight?