Amock Comedy Magazine 3 HTML version

Was Elvis an Alien?
Linda Lovelace’s tonsils for sale on Ebay.
The Taliban Book of Cocktails.
A lesbian guide to toast.
Drive-in wife-swapping - a new fad.
Your wife will grow up to be like her mother. So why
not find out what it’s going to be like?
Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover’s wardrobe.
How much blood is in your alcohol stream?
If we have failed to
offend you in this or any
previous issue of
Amock, we apologise.
Our aim is to outrage
every race, religious
group, gender, sexual
preference or disability
and if we have failed it is
not for want of trying.
Please be assured that
we will offend you soon.
In the meantime why not
just enjoy the offence
we are giving to others.
Remember, we are an
equal opportunity