Amock Comedy Magazine 3 HTML version

Identical twins, Kelly and Simone Bartley, claim that
they can feel what their sister is feeling, no matter the
distance they are separated by.
my nether parts. It was so intense and came as such
a shock that I fell off my chair.”
“It was new to me too,” Simone defended herself, “and
I didn’t do it deliberately. It was just heavy petting but
I let Chuck go a little further than I normally do. But we
can’t expect to have normal married lives if we’re going
to share all our sexual feelings. We’d need to phone
and warn each other that sexual activity was going to
take place.”
“We first noticed when we were very young,” said Kelly,
the elder by 10 minutes, “but it had to be a really strong
feeling for the other one to get it. Sadness, loneliness,
happiness, we’d feel it no matter how far apart we were.”
“It was quite fun really,” added Simone, “and I suppose
we were lucky because nothing really traumatic
happened during our childhood.”
“I’m seeing my Tommy tonight and I’m going all the
way,” Kelly grinned, “Brace yourself , sis.”
The twins are hoping that medical advice, which
predicts that this transmission of feelings will fade as
they grow older, will come true. Adolescence and the
rise of adult feelings have left the pair bemused,
especially after a recent incident.
“I was with my boyfriend, Chuck,” explained Simone,
“while Kelly was at work.”
“I work in an office,” Kelly butted in, “and this slut got
herself all turned on. God knows what they were doing.
Anyway, I was at my keyboard, typing up a letter for Mr
Carstairs and all of a sudden I got this weird feeling in