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The world’s most perfect family, the Davidsons of
Baltimore, have come out as gay in the first example of
contagious homosexuality ever recorded.
fishing trips with my boss, Kevin, weren’t entirely
“Once Ray and Norm were out, young Ben didn’t want
to be left out, so he said he was going to be a homo
when he grew up too. He has ambitions to be a flight
attendant and experience vigorous man-love at 50,000
feet. I don’t know if it’s contagious or not, but I do know
that I’m finding my friend Doris more attractive by the
day. I never used to
appreciate her soft,
round, bottom, but now I
can’t wait to sink my
teeth into it. I never
though I would end up as
a lesbo but a woman has
needs and Norm spends
most of his time fishing
these days.”
“It was our eldest son, Ray, who first admitted that he
was a slave to man-love,” said his mother, Mrs Elsie
Davidson. “We were surprised at first, of course but
have always believed in live and let live and if Al could
make Ray happy, so be it. We were quite resigned to
“I was the next to come
out,” admits head of
the house, Norm
Davidson, “but I have
to accept that Ray
made it easier for me
to tell Elsie that my