Amock Comedy Magazine 3 HTML version

“So, rocketry?” Annabel asked Rita, “Solid fuel or liquid?”
Rita hid her surprise. “You know about rockets?”
Annabel sighed, “A woman learns a lot when she sits alone every night with only the Discovery Channel for company. It’s
all right for you young folk, out every night having hanky panky with whoever comes your way.”
“It’s not quite like that,” Rita said, “I have a regular boyfriend, Bruce. We’re getting married as soon as I qualify.”
Annabel snorted. “Just don’t sign any pre-nuptial agreements, my dear, that was my failure.”
“So why did you sign one?” the younger woman asked.
“I was young. In love,” Annabel admitted dramatically. “He had a marvellous motor car. And I couldn’t believe that a man
with such a magnificent moustache couldn’t be trusted.”
“Well that’s okay, Bruce doesn’t have a car or a moustache. He’s got a bicycle and a ponytail, does that count?”
Donna, the manageress came over to join them. “Right, that’s it, Joe’s decided. The theme night’s going to be fancy dress.
Disco, free buffet and prizes.”
Annabel raised her nose in disdain. “I assume staff don’t have to dress up?”
“Mandatory, pet,” Donna replied, “We’ve got to encourage the punters.”
“Just imagine, Annabel, you can give rein to your wildest fantasies,” Rita grinned.
“But I don’t have any,” Annabel whined.
“I’ll be making up a list so we don’t all dress up the same,” Donna said.
“I’ve still got my school uniform. Bruce is always on at me to wear it.”
“What on earth for?” Annabel asked.
“I’ll explain later,” Donna answered the naïve older woman. “How do you fancy being a belly-dancer, Annabel?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never danced with my belly before.”
“Go for it,” Rita encouraged, “It’ll drive the men wild.”
“I’ve never driven a man wild in my entire life, and I don’t intend starting now,” Annabel replied primly.
Donna watched her walk off and curled her lip. “Typical Annabel, wants a man with a flash car, but won’t drive.”
Tommy was working in his kitchen when Joe, entered.
“What do you want me to set up for your theme night, boss?” the chef asked.
“Sandwiches and sausage rolls.”
“That’s not much of a buffet.”
“That’s what we always give them. They’re grateful for anything free these miserable gits.”