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A stripper is being threatened with divorce because she removes to take her clothes off. Dolores Del Monte,
who performs under the name of Delores Del Monte, is refusing to remove her clothes, but only when she’s
not at work.
“Taking my clothes off when I aint working would mean I was working 24 hours a day,” she said, “and I aint
This means that Delores (not her real name) now sleeps and bathes while fully clothed
and this has led to husband, Dave Flakey, threatening to divorce her after 12 years of
marriage. “I haven’t seen her naked in 6 months,” he complained, “and that just aint
right. She says I can see her down at the club, but that costs $45 a pop and I might
pay that for her kid sister, but not for my wife.”
Despite refusing to remove her clothes while at home Delores has not denied Dave his
conjugal rights, providing he conducts the process while she retains her garments. “I
checked with my attorney, and as long as he gets it, he aint got no grounds for divorce,”
she crowed. “He seen me naked plenty of times for free before I got wise, so I don’t see
what he’s got to complain about.”