Amock Comedy Magazine 2 HTML version

Norma smiled. “That would be telling. You’ll have to discover that for yourself.”
Rita’s heart dropped. She’d heard that The Hed, as it was known, had a bit of reputation. “Now you’re worrying
Norma knew she had her on the ropes. “The Ardent Hedonist Flasher won’t bother you much.”
“A flasher?”
“Don’t worry, he’s been dead fifty years.”
“Thank God for that,” Rita managed to squeak.
“But his ghost still visits now and again.”
Donna was on her break, nibbling on a sandwich when Joe collared
“What’s that you’re eating?” he barked.
“A submarine sandwich,” the manageress answered.
Joe’s brow creased. “They’re not on the menu.”
“Just one of Tommy’s wee specialities,” Donna smiled.
“The less said about his specialities the better. Just tell him to stick to
the menu.”
Donna decided to divert him from his homophobia. “What about a
Fancy Dress for a theme night, Joe?”
Joe sighed wearily. “What’s that going to cost me?”
“Nothing. Everybody supplies their own gear. Mind, you might have to
supply a prize for Best Costume.”
“A prize?”
“Doesn’t need to be much.”
Joe ran that through his brain. “Who picks the winner?”
Donna finished off her sandwich and had a sip of her coffee. “You, if you want.”
“Shortest skirt wins,” Joe grinned.
Donna couldn’t resist the barb. “Don’t say that, Tommy might enter.”
Joe hadn’t thought of that and the thought chilled him. He might have no time for homosexuals, but if the gay
chef turned up in the best costume he’s feel duty bound to award him the prize. “Aye, right enough. You pick