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EDITOR’S NOTE: Some readers may be confused, believing they’ve previously downloaded and read the first
issue of Amock, so we think an explanation is necessary. We don’t owe you one, but we had one lying about,
so we thought we’d give you it anyway.
The first two issues of Amock, the magazine, were posted on, who even created a special
Magazine Section for it. But we thought Amock deserved to go in the Humour Section because that’s what it
was all about, being funny. So, we took the first two issues and added the newly-completed third and
amalgamated them to form the Amock Comedy Compendium which Free-Ebooks were happy to place in the
Humour Section as it was an actual book as opposed to a magazine. This then is actually Issue 4 of Amock
but as the first issues have disappeared it has been renumbered as Issue 1. If you really want Amock in the
original running order you can get all the back issues from our website which you can visit by clicking the
footer on any page. On the website you can get advance copies of the latest issue, plus extra content not
included in the magazine and the opportunity to subscribe and have the latest issue of Amock delivered direct
to your email inbox. It’s worth a visit.
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