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property. Big house, two cars, four holidays a year, and then he went and met some young bird. Threw
Annabel out to fend for herself.”
“So how did she end up in here?”
Susan grinned. “Some say Joe took pity on her and offered her the job to help her keep her head above
Rita waited for the inevitable capper to the tale. “And what do the others say?”
Susan’s smile widened gleefully. “That Joe hates his brother and gave her the job just to get up his nose. You
watch out for her, she’s so grateful to Joe she’ll report you for the smallest thing.”
“Like what?”
Susan shrugged. “Putting two sugars in your coffee?”
Her character assassination was halted as the victim returned and joined Norma. “That new chef seems like a
nice chap,” she commented.
“Forget it, Annabel, there’s no prospective father for your kids there, he’s gay.”
Annabel was affronted. “What can you mean? As if I’d marry a chef. Anyway, I just thought he was
sensitive, in touch with his feminine side.”
“The one thing he won’t touch is feminine,” Norma advised.
“I’ve never really understood these gay chaps,” Annabel said wistfully.
“That’s because you’re a heterosexual.”
This time Annabel was even more insulted. “How dare you! I am not! I’m not sexual at all.” She sniffed at a
sad memory. “Or at least that’s what hubby used to say.”
Norma switched to sympathy mode and handed her a hanky. “ Don’t fret it. With men you’re either not sexy
enough or you’re too sexy.”
Susan overheard some of this and offered her aid. “Who wants to be too sexy? I can give you lessons.”
“I don’t think she’s ready for the advanced stuff yet,” Norma said.
“Come on, Annabel,” Susan said cruelly, “You’ll need to loosen up or you’ll never get a man.”
“I’m not looking for a man,” Annabel insisted.
“She’s looking for a husband,” Norma corrected, “Totally different beast.”
“Husbands are easy, I’ve had hundreds of them,” Susan crowed.
“I think she means one of her very own.”
“You should try a singles night, Annabel, there’s always a few desperate
guys out on grab-a-granny night.”
This was taking things too far and Annabel retreated to the far end of the
bar, shouting behind her, “I don’t work in this den of iniquity to discuss my
personal life.”
“That woman is gagging for it,” Susan said.
“Maybe, but she’s not giving it till somebody puts a ring on her finger,”
Norma said.
“Yeah, and a Mercedes in her driveway.”