Amock Comedy Magazine 1 HTML version

“There’s an awful smell in the gentlemen’s toilet,” Joe said to Donna.
Donna made a face that signalled her lack of surprise. “There’s always an awful smell in the Gents.”
“Maybe so, but I think it calls for a plumber.”
This did surprise the Manageress of The Ardent Hedonist and she arched an eyebrow,” Are you sure you don’t
just want me to get the tools out, like you usually do?”
Joe shook his head. “No, darling, I think this is beyond your plumbing skills. This smells like a broken sewer.”
“Plumbers cost money, Joe.”
The owner considered the unpleasantness of having to actually spend any of the cash he had worked so hard
to earn. “Give him a pint and any leftovers from the kitchen and ask him to send me a bill. When that arrives
send him an invoice for twice the amount for the drink and the meal.”
“That’s a bit cheeky.”
But Joe had no sympathy for thieving tradesmen. “If plumbers can charge what they like, so can I.”
At that moment the front door of the bar flew open and Annabel swept in, dressed stylishly as usual, but with a
look of thunder on her haughty face. “That cheeky taxi driver told me I had a lovely bottom.”
“Not used to compliments, Annabel?” Donna said sourly.
Annabel wasn’t sure if she’d been insulted. “Not at all, a gentleman once told me I was wearing a lovely
Donna smiled at the older woman. “Yeah, you’ve still got it, hot stuff.”
“If you’re going to be common, I’m leaving,” Annabel snorted in response but Donna knew it was an empty
threat. She pointed her staff-member to the cloakroom beside the kitchen. “Away and get changed.”
AS she departed to get ready for her shift Rita, the newest member of staff, watched her closely. “Who is
that?” she asked Susan.
The flighty one curled her lip. “That’s Annabel, another one of the barmaids. She’s a stuck-up cow, doesn’t
think she should be working in a pub.”
This seemed to intrigue the young woman. “So why does she?”
Susan loved to gossip, especially about other members of staff. “She was married to Joe’s brother, who’s into