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Here’s a competition for the comedy writers amongst you, with the winner getting a
FREE website from Here’s the deal -
1. The short story must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words.
2. It can be any genre but must have a strong comedy element and be suitable for a
general audience.
3. It must be submitted as a MS Word file with the title and author’s name and e-mail
address at the top of the script.
4. The deadline is 28th February 2012.
5. The winner will be judged on the strength of the story and the quality of the writing
and humour.
6. Winners will be announced in the February 2012 edition of E-Book Review.
7. The winner will get - A 20 page website designed and built by Novel2Ebook. A
domain name of your choice (subject to availability) complete with hosting for a year.
8. All entrants grant first digital publishing rights for their entry to Amock. Any
submissions used within the magazine will receive a fee.
9. The editor’s decision is final.
10. No correspondence will be entered into.
Send submissions to with Short Story Submission in the Subject
Residents of Miami can rest easier in their beds from now on as a new superhero has moved
into the city and promises to put criminals to flight.
He is Invisible-in-the-Dark Man and he aims to clear up the Florida city of thieves, prostitutes,
pimps, gangsters, blackmailers and bankers within the next few months.
"I will not tire in my fight," he said, "And warn all criminals that their day is done. My incredible
power of invisibility in the dark will allow me to penetrate their most secret lairs and seek
them out, and though I don't have super-strength I do intend to carry a very large stick."
"I'm not afraid of their guns either, as I only operate in the dark when I am completely invisible.
They can't shoot what they can't see. The first they'll know I'm even there is when they hear
the cuffs click round their wrists."
The origins of this strange superpower are shrouded in mystery though it is suspected that
our hero was once bitten by a radioactive octopus from another planet. However
Invisible-in-the-Dark Man refused to confirm this, claiming that to do so might jeopardise his
secret identity.
"I have to be cautious," he explained, "I have a wife and three kids to think about and little
Mikey currently has diarrhoea. Plus which my wife doesn't approve of my superhero career
as there is no salary, health plan or other benefits. Fighting crime is a job for the cops she
says, but I think all citizens should accept their civic responsibility. Of course my super-power
Invisible-in-the-Dark Man goes
into action.
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