Amock Comedy Compendium HTML version

Hello, my good friends, my name is Nbandi
Finance and that as his widow you are trying to
Tstotsewe, and I am the holder of a master's
get your hands on it. However the authorities
degree in Internet Scamming from the
suspect you and you must transfer the money
Univeristy of Abuja, Nigeria. In this brief
to an overseas account so that it can be
article I hope to teach you how you too can
accessed. If you will give me your bank details
become an Internet Scammer and generate a
I will transfer the complete amount to your
healthy income for yourself. This is not a
account and you will then remit seventy million
difficult process for learning as you
to me, leaving you with a profit of ten million
must realising that though you are
stupid many, many people are more
Are you seeing? I have
stupid than you.
appealed to your greed. Who
The first requirement is a
would refuse $10,000,000 for
computer with an internet
nothing? Also, you are thinking,
connection. This is most vital as
once I have the eighty million in my
shouting about your scam, even
bank account the widow Wendy can
from the top of your house, will
go on holiday for all I care.
not reach enough people to
How then can the scammer make
make your venture profitable.
any use of the information he has
Your aim with this scam is
obtained from you. The answer is
to obtain people's banking details and
simpleness itself, with the bank details
for this you must rely on people's greed. Now,
he has from you he can remove every penny
we both know that all people are greedy. I am
you have from your account. On no account
extremely greedy and my wife can eat many
must he actually try to transfer $80,000,000
oxen at a single sitting, so you can see how
into anybody's account. This is against the
greedy she is. Therefore we must be relying
very spirit of the scam and may lead to you
on people's greed to obtain the banking details
losing your membership of our professional
we want. In this instance I am adopting the
pose of Mrs Wendy Mobeety, widow of Tembo
It also helps if you have a very poor
Mobeety, ex-manager of International Finance
commandment of the English language.
at the Bank of Nigeria. I should make it plainly
Now, you may wonder why I am passing
at this point that I am not actually Mrs Wendy
this vital information to you for free of charge.
and that the police charges regarding me
The answer is that, having explained the entire
wearing women's clothing last Friday were a
proceduring to you, you will trust me implicitly
and will have no hesitation in passing your
I email you, telling you that my late
bank details to me as I have fraudulently
husband mislaid eighty million US dollars into a
obtained $43 billion from the Nigerian space
separate account while managing International
programme (Chief Executive - James T. Kirk)