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(Reviews from writers on the Authonomy (Harper Collins Publishers) website.
Helena: “This is a very funny piece of writing.”
Keefieboy: “Glorious Pythonesque insanity here.”
TheLoriC: “This book has a delightful, amusing tone and pulls in the reader from the very first chapter. With
its overall impressive writing and entertainment value, I, Roger Knightly will keep readers smiling and
laughing right up until the book's final sentence.”
J&M JENSEN: “Delightfully silly and irreverent piece of writing, but highly addictive.
Clare Hill: “This is hilarious and faintly disgusting in places, making me feel guilty for laughing. I love the
bike with no frame - pair of handlebars, that's a classic!”
Johndan2: “HAAAA! Reading this I had to go make popcorn and get a Pepsi for full entertainment value. Big
mistake! I laughed and blew Pepsi out my nose. What a natural storyteller!"
Sperber1: “What I like is that the comedy comes from the characters, rather than just being one-liners or
gags. A lot of imagination.”
Lj Trafford:Personally I loved this. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me choke on my cup of tea
a wee bit. It reminded me of the alternative versions of books that Spike Milligan wrote, Frankenstein etc. Yes
it's filthy. But it's funny. And the two I often find go together.”
Mikegilli: “First place on my shelf. I've checked out 1000 books, but this is BY FAR the funniest. I'm stuck here
in a library. They frown as I giggle.”
How did a pagan laddie from the Western Isles of Scotland, Mungo McPerson, become one of the world’s best-loved actors,
Roger Knightly? Join him on his rise to stardom and meet his agent, the legendary Cloudy Howitzer and his high-kicking
wife, Fizzy.
Discover how his first girlfriend, Felicity Sidesaddle, broke his heart. Learn about his physical disability that made women
faint. And how about his first wife, Dazzle Dubrovnik and her telepathic twin, Razzle? Vitally, read about the acting secrets
that brought him fame and fortune.
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