American Werewolves HTML version

Chapter 1
“I heard there’s going to be two werewolves at school this
semester,” Carmen says, turning on the blinker to turn into the school
parking lot.
I shrug, fixing my hair in the mirror. “They’ve probably been at school
with us since kindergarten. Its only this year that werewolves have to
register with the CFSS.” The Committee for the Safety of Students. I’ve
never really given it much thought, mostly because I’ve never known a
supernatural being personally. I don’t plan on it either.
Carmen turns quickly right in front of another car, which stops on it’s
breaks and honks. “I was here first, idiot!” she yells through my window, her
silver hoop earrings swaying as she shakes her head.
“Can’t you be a little more careful when you drive?”
Carmen just looks at me. “Nope.”
She pulls the Tempo into an empty parking spot near the front,
where kids and teachers are already buzzing around the doors. “Hopefully
some freshman didn’t steal our table.” She grabs her backpack, her dark
eyes scanning the area.
“We had it last semester, didn’t we? Plus, we stole it when we were
freshmen,” I laugh, slamming the door.
“That’s not the point. Come on, I see Adam and Deon.”