American M35 Army Truck HTML version

Light utility truck
The last version of the M35 series was
the A3. The M35A3 trucks were
refurbished and upgraded in order to
reduce operational costs and improve
performance. Over 1 800 trucks were
upgraded to the A3 standard. These
military vehicles were powered by a
Caterpillar 3116 diesel and had a
number of new components.
The M35 army truck was developed in the late 1940s
by General Motors Corporation. It was intended to
replace wartime vehicles. The design was commonly
known as the Eager Beaver. Initial production contract
was for 5 000 trucks. First vehicles were delivered to
the US Army in 1950. The M35 was planned as an
interim vehicle, however as soon as Korean War
began, US Army needed these trucks in large
numbers. By early 1980s over 150 000 M35 series
trucks were produced. Production ceased in 1988.
These trucks still remain in service with some
The M35 trucks were license produced
in Canada by Bombardier (MLVW) and
in South Korea by Kia Motors (Kia
Entered service
The M35 series military trucks were simple in design
and technology. Vehicle has a payload capacity of 2.27
t payload capacity of road and 4.5 t on hard surface
roads. The baseline troop/cargo carrier has removable
seats. Cargo area is covered with bows and canvas
cover. This military vehicle can also tow trailers or light
artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 4.5 t on
roads and 2.7 t over rough terrain.
Cab seating
1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty)
~ 6 t
Payload capacity
2.27 / 4.5 t
6.7 m
2.4 m
2.9 m
Reo or Continental petrol
The bonneted cab accommodates driver and two
passengers. Most cabs have a removable canvas
cover, however some were fitted with hard tops. The
windscreen can be folded down. Some trucks has a
machine gun ring over the cab.
Engine power
146 hp
Maximum road speed
77 - 90 km/h
~ 480 km
Side slope
First production vehicles were powered by Reo or
Continental petrol engines, developing 146 hp. Later
A1 models of the M35 were all powered by a
Continental LDS 427-2 multi-fuel engines. The final
production model, the A2, was fitted with Continental
LD 465-1 engine, developing 140 hp. This army truck
has a 6x6 configuration with full-time all-wheel drive.
With a deep wading kit installed this truck fords water
obstacles up to 2 m deep. Arctic kit was available for
these trucks for operation in extreme climatic
conditions. Many vehicles were fitted with a 4.5 t
capacity winch.
Vertical step
~ 0.6 m
~ 0.6 m
0.76 / 1.98 m
More information:
A wide variety of the M35 versions
were available. These include dump
trucks, tractor trucks, fuel and water
tankers, wreckers, shop, repair, and
medical vans.