Amazing Stories for James and Sam HTML version

Amazing Stories
James and Sam
This is a collection of stories that I made up for my two
children, James and Sam, to stop them getting bored on
long car journeys. They are mostly silly, inspired by
whatever we were doing at the time.
All the stories are made up on the spur of the moment.
There's no planning before and no changes after. They
are just there to pass the time of the day.
I have forgotten some of the first ones I told because I
did not write them down (so nobody will ever know the
one about the giant or the one about the comet). That's
why I decided to put them in a book – now I can easily
tell them again, and maybe other children will enjoy
hearing them too.
I have also included a few little illustrations. I'm afraid
I'm not very good at drawing, but they should give you
some idea of how I pictured the stories.
All text and illustrations:
© 2011 Matthew J Bennion