Amazing Quran


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Scientific miracles Inside Holy Quran

Fouad Agha

If some one wants to know about Quran , he should read it first , before reading this book .


islam is the religion of all prophets and messengers of God from nooh to jesus and the sealed prophet Mohammed pbu another thing proof that jesus is god ? you will not you know why ? as Jesus him self did not say that he is god even one time , he always says he is a man and son of man !when the man called him good man he said to him why do you call me good , no one good but God

Man Chhetri

Islam is praying satan.Jesus is the true God.

Chand Mohammad

Amazing Quran is really amazing work of brother Gary Miler.Zazak Allah khair


i like this book

ike nila dewi

please understand, Dr. Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar) is a Canadian former Christian theologian and minister who converted to Islam. He now works on spreading and preaching Islam to the world Some of his works:

Hamid Ali Khan

the author tries every attempt to give reasoning

Muhammad Saud Faisal

Though Quran is the greatest miracle in the universe by the Allah Almighty, and the work of Dr. Gary Miller is realistically appreciable. Great Work!!!


Shame on you Dr. Gary Miller, as you do not know something about the Qur'an So why you write about it? Quran was revealed from Allah, and Muhammad peace be upon him was a messenger from God. Do not try to say lies about the Messenger of Allah and the Noble Quran.

D. Barry Carmell

It is the Bible that is the real book that is worth studying.

Tzn Qurashi

I want to read it again... which is not enough


best book for those who want to see what quran talks about for those who seek truth about islam


it's great book... qur'an is not only for a reading but also it's our giudance


true facts to think of,so wonderful indeed.


It clarifies how not true are these stories.


What an excellent work!


amazing facts


I really enjoyed reading it. It is quite mind challenging!





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