Alone & Confused: A Gay Man's Story HTML version

My name is Dominic Jones and my story begins a few weeks after my twenty- first
birthday. Looking back, I think I first realised I was gay when I was thirteen years old but I
don't think I fully understood what that meant until I was about sixteen. During the last five
years or so, I've done a lot of soul searching but have yet to accept being gay and I still
haven't told anybody about it. I haven't even met another gay man that I am aware of. I have
decided to write about my life in the hope o f juggling all my thoughts in a more logical way.
Maybe this way,I will finally be able to pluck up the courage to be who I really am in the
Late April in Newcastle, in the North-East of England, usually means one thing for
me. It's coming to the end of the football season and my team are fitting tooth and nail for
those final precious points to end the season on a high. I'm a Newcastle United fan; always
have been, always will be.
My dad started taking me to the United games when I was four or five years old. This
family tradition carried on, more or less, for every home game for around a decade and a half
up until the end of last season. I say family tradition, but really it was just me and my dad
from my immediate family plus a couple of male cous ins and uncles.
My mum have never joined us for the football matches, either in person or on the
television. She was only nineteen when I was born and my dad is a four years older than her.
They both left school with no qualifications but have worked very hard to provide our family
with solid security and as many treats as they can afford for me, my brother and my sister.
Max, my brother, is four years younger than me and never caught the football bug.
He's more a fan of hard rock and metal music, or I ofte n say to him crap music. It's all
screaming in my opinion and a mile away from the music I like. I've got plenty of camp stuff
hidden away under my bed.
My sister, Abbie, is fourteen. We don't have much in common but we're still very
close. She's the little princess of the family; a real daddy's- little-girl and the apple-of- my-