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A practical way to sort out conflicts we experience daily. This book is about understanding the human mind and personality. Why do we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is good. What the basic nature of the mind is, how it came to be in its current condition and how any defects can be corrected for it to function according to its potential rather than sputter through life.

Jammin Azz John Barney

Great book ! A real eye opener.....

Ramesh Kumar

downloaded after looking at the interviews and also after reading the profile of the author. very impressed and wanna try it one.hope it will help me a lot to improve my mind! hats off to the author and grateful to him for this book!


ONe of the best book that I have ever read.

Winston Arthur Trechane

I'm going to read it again because a second reading should reveal more than the first.

Csaba Vass

Absolutely understadable, and usful.

Mohammed Imran Khan

Great book. Loved it. Especially the fragmentation portion. Would recommend it to any one with a quest, whatever it may be.

Calicia Brown

I love this book! It helped me become more aware of my thought process and begin to prioritize my desires! Great read, not long enough!

abed selma

I learned a lot from this little book.It was areal pleasure for me

Latiesha Hollingsworth

very informative! a page turner that you will find impossible to put down


Very good, every one should read this book.


great and so helpfull ....that's all what we need to be better and step up and do all what we want.

Kalee Swaran

i would say this book is one of the best way to analyse the human behaviour...


everyone should read this book, great book.


Well, the model is not free any more. (not a huge price nevertheless, but i won't buy them) Even this book is for a price on his site so grab it while it's free :) The book explains one model on the works of the human mind and how to obtain balance and control of thought. It is one great model, very practical, not scientific at all.Sometimes connection can be seen with other models (I know...) like transactional psychology (the 3 minds) or self-made reality (fragmentation and buffers). In my opinion not all exaples are right, like driving a car and not remembering the details is not because of "fragmentation" but simply it is unconscious. But there are also many great thoughts to consider, and the model has two great advantages, it is well rounded and complete, and it explains very well [b]how[/b] things work. I will read other books, too, to get a better, maybe a bit more psychological view on this subject.


An interesting book on its own, but becomes far more beneficial with the model and other information on his web site, which is all free also.


David Samuel, The Entrepreneur Monk

David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk. David is a rag to riches story, making his first million at 25. Reaching his financial target by the age of 29, he sold six of the eight companies he owned to travel internationally for several years as a wandering monk. During these years of wandering solitude, he gave away the majority of his assets and returned to a simple life of introspection and following whatever direction he encountered. The intention was to cultivate a true sense of inner balance and freedom from fears and concerns. To date on the material side of his life, David has owned companies in over 25 industries and 15 countries. Combined with his business ventures, teaching and consulting, David is devoted to the never ending exploration of the nature of the mind. He has resolved the riddle of why we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively. David has published five books. You can read more about David and view his books on Currently, David consults to private clients and corporations who are interested in eliminating negative aspects of their personality towards personal cultivation and success. David publishes exclusive articles on

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