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10 Lessons for Growing your Business


By Kim Martin Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

I admit it! I was a hard-headed kid who grew up to be a hard-headed adult. I thought I knew it all. Know anyone like that?


When I first ventured into direct sales, I ignored the advice of successful network marketers and did things my way. The results were disappointing (shocker, huh?).

Fortunately, in addition to being hard-headed, I’m determined. When I finally got tired of spinning my wheels, I found a mentor. I started reading and studying everything I could get my hands on. Along the way, I uncovered some basic lessons that networking heavy hitters consistently teach – and I committed to applying them to my business.

Surprisingly, the lessons are quite simple and easy to follow. In fact, you probably learned most of them in Elementary School!


I hope you find this eBook helpful as you build a thriving business and teach others to do the same.


To your success,