All I Ever Needed to Know About Network Marketing, I Learned in Elementary School HTML version

Potential customers will want to know why you have a solution to their problem. Why is your
offering different? How does it work? The ability to confidently respond to prospects’
questions with accurate facts and figures will give you confidence. And the more confidence
you have, the more sales you’ll make.
The same goes for working with people who are interested in joining your business
opportunity. Study the history of the company and its management. Be able to speak to the
size of the market for your product. Does it address the needs of a specific audience? Does it
capitalize on a growing trend? Know the compensation plan like the back of your hand (this
can be challenging, but find someone in your upline who will work with you until you can
pitch it in your sleep).
If you are just starting out, it’s understandable that you’ll have a learning curve. Make a cheat
sheet and lean on the expertise of your upline. They’ll be glad to help.
LESSON 2: There Are No Stupid Questions
If you have a question, ask it! If your sponsor can’t provide a concrete answer go to someone
else in your upline.
Likewise, when a customer or business prospect asks a question that you can’t answer, be
honest and tell them you’ll have to get back to them. Whatever you do, don’t Ðwing it“. You
could end up misleading someone and damaging the credibility of your company.
LESSON 3: Attendance
Be sure to attend training calls, meetings and events whenever you can. Not only will you stay
at the forefront of the latest company news, but you’ll sharpen your sales pitch in the process
as you hear company leaders present the product and business opportunity.
Better yet, try to hear the story from a variety of leaders in your company. Each will have a
unique style, perspective and a fact or figure that you haven’t heard before. Find a presenter
that you are comfortable with and emulate him or her.
When you stay plugged in you stay motivated, which is especially important when you are
just getting started. Growing your business takes time. Some days will be better than others,
but the encouragement of a team leader is often all you need to regain your focus. Be patient
and keep your eye on the prize.