All I Ever Needed to Know About Network Marketing, I Learned in Elementary School HTML version

I admit it! I was a hard-headed kid who grew up to be a hard-headed adult. I thought I knew it
all. Know anyone like that?
When I first ventured into direct sales, I ignored the advice of successful network marketers
and did things my way. The results were disappointing (shocker, huh?).
Fortunately, in addition to being hard-headed, I’m determined. When I finally got tired of
spinning my wheels, I found a mentor. I started reading and studying everything I could get
my hands on. Along the way, I uncovered some basic lessons that networking heavy hitters
consistently teach – and I committed to applying them to my business.
Surprisingly, the lessons are quite simple and easy to follow. In fact, you probably learned
most of them in Elementary School!
I hope you find this eBook helpful as you build a thriving business and teach others to do the
To your success,
Before you read on!
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LESSON 1: Do Your Homework
Lured by outrageous promises, too many people jump into a home-based business before
they’ve really had a chance to look under the covers. If this is you, it’s okay. It’s happened to
the best of us. Just remember the old adage, if it seems too good to be true, it is.
In addition to seeking an opportunity that is appealing to people who want to build a business
of their own, make absolutely certain the company you select provides a legitimate product or
service that offers real value to a target audience. You should be able to attract customers who
want to buy your offering for no other reason than it’s a great product. Your residual income
is dependent on this.
Once you’ve selected a company, the real work starts. Learn your business inside and out.