Alcohol Addiction And Abuse HTML version

Title: Alcohol Addiction and Abuse
Author: Bassam Imam
There are 2 kinds of alcohol, ethanol and methanol. Both
look identical however, methanol is so toxic drinking just a few
drops of it can cause blindness, more of which will kill a
person. Neither can it be inhaled nor make contact with a
person’s skin.
Ethanol is the main ingredient in fermented and distilled
drinks. Consuming a small quantity of it will result in a buzz,
further on intoxication will set in. In large doses inebriation,
vomiting, loss of consciousness or coma may ensue. Alcohol
poisoning can lead to death. The word alcohol as is used today
is derived from the Arabic word Al-Kuhl.
{In Ancient Egypt} “Beer was commonly known as ‘Hqt’
(‘heqet’ or ‘heket’), but was also called ‘tnmw’ (‘tenemu’) and
there was also a type of beer known ashaAmt (‘kha-ahmet’). The