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Currency Trading: An Introduction to Forex
Simply put, Forex is the business of buying and selling money.
Within your local area you can see how prevalent this business
has become. From the malls, the streets, and around the
commercial district areas, you can find these small booths that
carry the label: Foreign Exchange. In places that never sleep such
as the casinos and other entertainment hubs, foreign exchange
trading can also be found.
Currency trading and Forex are two terms that mean the same
thing and involve similar practices, which are the buying and
selling of their main product: money. They are both over-the-
counter markets that are trading money. Hence, they may fairly be
used interchangeably.
What is forex?
Forex means Foreign Exchange and it is also known as FX. In
Forex trading, you are buying one kind of currency while selling
another kind at the same time. This means that you are
exchanging your money for the one that you are purchasing. The
basic rule is that every currency has its corresponding value in
another currency. Currency exchange rate is the term used for the
value of a certain currency that is being exchanged for another.
In the Forex business, the different currencies are dealt with in
pairs, such as Euro to US Dollar or US Dollar to the British
Pound. Although this kind of trade can be said to be one of the
largest and widest trading market in the world, you would be
surprised to note that it is an unregulated kind of industry. More
than $1.9 trillion are being traded every single day, as trading is
being conducted throughout the entire twenty-four hours.
Foreign currency trading is the market that has the highest
financial liquidity. The most common traders in this business are
the banks, central banks of every country, investors in big
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