Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation HTML version

"The treasure" is the beautiful valuable thing. In the saying, it
means Grand Godly Beauty and the Excellent Perfection.
"Hidden": not known to anyone.
"I liked to be known" refers to the generosity and kindness of the
Almighty God because it is usual for the generous to show his
generosity and his kindness and to flood his benevolence and
"I created the creatures": It indicates that God has created the
creatures in that world called "Al-Azal", the pre-material world to
enjoy seeing that Godly Beauty and to sink into witnessing that
endless Perfection.
"Acquainted them with Me": I showed them My Grandeur and
My Benevolence on them by creating them.
"They knew Me through Me": By seeing themselves they reached
knowing Me.
Then, they enjoyed seeing that glorious treasure as they saw a part
of My Beauty and Perfection.