Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation HTML version

Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation
Al'lah was being, and nothing was with Him. There was no earth,
no sky, no sun, no moon, no air, no space, no night, no day, no
time, no place, no man, no animal, no angel, and no jinn. He is the
first; without beginning. Whatever you say first He is first and
first and His existence has no beginning, nothing was before Him.
He is grand and great. Whatever you say grand; He is grander and
grander. His grandeur is limitless and endless, The last without an
end with nothing after Him, God says with the lips and tongue of
His Messenger:
"He is the First and the Last, the Explicit and the Implicit and He
is the O mniscient of everything".
The Holy Qur'an,
Fortress (57) Al-hadid (Iron), verse (3).
Being the origin of generosity, charity, compassion, favor,
tenderness, greatness, beauty and majesty and more other
attributes of God indicating perfection, God wanted to create
creatures so that they taste His Compassion and overwhelm them
with a flood of His Benevolence and Charity. God wanted to
create creatures to acquaint them with His Supreme Spirit so as to
enjoy witnessing His Beauty and Majesty absorbed in witnessing
His Perfection.
As in the holy saying about God:
"I was a hidden treasure, then I liked to be known, so I created the
creatures and acquainted them with Me; they knew Me through
Detailing the meaning of this holy saying we say: