'Al'lah Is Greater' Be Kind to Animal HTML version

The Godly Love and the sublime high Compassion insist
on warning you, man, for you are the honored creature at
In God‘s Book, you don‘t find verses repeated in many loci
that emphasize and focus on a matter like those which
focus on the case of pronouncing the Name of Al‘lah over
the animals to be killed when being slaughtered.
Moreover, the Almighty reveals that the believers, only,
make the animal hear the Name of Al‘lah when
slaughtering it, while those who do not do that are quite far
from belief.
God says: “Eat of that over which the Name of Al’lah
was pronounced if you truly believe in His revelations.”
The Holy Qur’an,
Fortress 6, Al-An’am (Livestock), verse 118
Even more, unmentioning the statement “Al’lah is
Greater” over the animals to be slaughtered leads to
polytheism and it is a breach that will not be forgiven
unless its doer repents and mentions the statement "Al'lah
is Greater", otherwise it would be a compliance to the devil
and his followers. God says: “Do not eat of that over
which the Name of Al’lah was not pronounced, for that
is sinful. The devils will whisper to their votaries to
argue with you. If you obey the m you shall yourselves
become idolaters.”
The Holy Qur’an,
Fortress 6, Al-An’am (Livestock), verse 121
In view of the great importance that the Almighty gave to
the pronunciation of Al‘lah‘s Name over the animal, and
due to the horrible humanist offense done upon the
slaughtered animal in case of neglecting such matter which
expresses nothing other than the polytheism itself and the
declared unbelief, and for fear that humankind may be